Corn sweetener, vinegar, salt, onion powder, and a spice blend are added to .156" screen tomato puree and aseptically processed. The product is then filled into an aseptic bag.

Size & Specifications 

55 Gallon Aseptic Bag in Drum

(Steel or Fiber)
Net Weight 520 lbs.

300 Gallon Aseptic Bag in Bin

Net Weight 2,790 lbs.

Natural Tomato Soluble Solids at 20°C

+/- 0.5%


4.3 to 5.3 cm at time of pack


45 to 50 Points, Grade A


3.6 to 3.9


0.9 to 1.40 % (as Acetic Acid)


2.5% to 3.2%


USDA Grade A


Tomato chili sauce flavor and aroma

Mold Count

(USDA-Howard Mold Count)

20% max. positive fields

Fly eggs, worms, insect fragments

Not to exceed USDA tolerance

If I had to choose one thing that was my favorite aspect of working with One Source Food Solutions, it would be professionalism. I love that from One Source; every email I have sent, or every question I have asked them, has been answered in a timely manner, even if I don’t like the answer to my question 🙂 Having a timely response means I know what the next step I need to take is.

Elga Sanchez

Head Buyer — Diaz Foods