Corn sweetener, vinegar, salt, onion powder, and a spice blend are added to .156" screen tomato puree and aseptically processed. The product is then filled into an aseptic bag.

Size & Specifications 

55 Gallon Aseptic Bag in Drum

(Steel or Fiber)
Net Weight 520 lbs.

300 Gallon Aseptic Bag in Bin

Net Weight 2,790 lbs.

Natural Tomato Soluble Solids at 20°C

+/- 0.5%


4.3 to 5.3 cm at time of pack


45 to 50 Points, Grade A


3.6 to 3.9


0.9 to 1.40 % (as Acetic Acid)


2.5% to 3.2%


USDA Grade A


Tomato chili sauce flavor and aroma

Mold Count

(USDA-Howard Mold Count)

20% max. positive fields

Fly eggs, worms, insect fragments

Not to exceed USDA tolerance

I have worked with One Source Food Solutions for over 25 years; they are very professional and knowledgeable! Everyone in their organization is so helpful and responsive and works hard to get answers to questions and resolve issues. They take care of all of the behind-the-scenes details. I love working with OSFS!!

Mary VanDerMeulen

Purchasing Agent — Request Foods, Inc