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At One Source Food Solutions, we combine over 50 years of industry experience with a commitment to customized service to help you conquer the market. Our full-service wholesale operations specialize in high-quality tomato products and other bulk vegetables, offering customized orders tailored to your unique needs.

With our expert support, we manage all the complexities of food sourcing, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We ensure a hassle-free procurement process, maintaining consistent inventory and providing expert guidance so you always have what you need, when you need it, without the stress.

Our foundation of integrity, coupled with our drive for innovation, ensures that each transaction not only delivers quality products but also a seamless experience that brings peace of mind. As your trusted partner, we're dedicated to evolving and improving, supporting your specific needs with solutions that are as reliable and efficient as they are innovative.

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Industry Analysis

One Source Food Solutions is deeply involved in the dynamic and changing California Processing Tomato Industry. We have working relationships with growers, processors, industry executives and invested principles. We provide our customers with a clear vision of trends that may well have a bearing on long term planning and supply.

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Crop Forecasts

No other single factor affects market pricing and contract fulfillment more than having adequate raw tomato tonnage to meet both domestic and worldwide demand. California supplies 34 percent of the world consumption of processed tomatoes. This fact places strong competitive demand on the available tonnage.

Due to the seasonality of processing tomatoes, having a grasp of the crop status is of utmost importance. One Source Food Solutions tracks weather patterns and observes and reports on: contract acreage intentions; yield trends, field prices, total tonnage reports, weekly deliveries, world-wide crop status in other producing countries, etc.

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Market Trends

Those of us who grew up enjoying ketchup at nearly every meal, on eggs, sandwiches, French fries, hot dogs and hamburgers, meatloaf and as a condiment on dozens of other foods, were fairly astounded in 1992 when market research firms announced that salsa (including picante, enchilada, taco and similar chili-based sauces) had actually outpaced the consumption of ketchup in the USA.

Since that time, numerous market trends have emerged, many with a preference for utilizing processed tomatoes. In all market segments including retail chains, food service operators, and industrial food manufacturers, the nutritional value and flavor benefits of tomatoes are encouraging consumers and marketers into new product introductions: organic and conventional single serve and family-sized meals, ethnic foods, pizza, pasta sauces, frozen entrees, shelf-stable entrees, soups, stews, salad dressings, etc.

With over 30 years in the processed tomato industry, One Source Food Solutions is uniquely qualified to help our customers interpret and take advantage of current market trends utilizing this exceptionally versatile, flavorful and economical ingredient: tomatoes!

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R&D and Technical Support

The life-blood of any organization is in developing and bringing new products to market. One Source Food Solutions diligently works with executive chefs, product development, food technologists, quality control, production management and purchasing with all our customers.

Our multi-media approach to “Tomato School” provides complete and thorough orientation and training. We then present live samples and product specifications for tomatoes and tomato products in every style, every package, every format available in the market. We know the capabilities of our supplier partners. Once ingredient needs are developed with our customers, we work closely with our suppliers to coordinate and schedule seasonal plant production.

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Pre-Shipment Solutions

Our Logistics and Customer Service Team handles every customer’s order as if it were their own. Pre-shipment, One Source Food Solutions coordinates order entry with a meticulous concern to implement each customer’s requirements for labeling, special instructions, case/drum/bin markings, meeting-approved product specifications, drawing from approved and allocated stock, and carefully communicating expectations with shipping and warehouse personnel.

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Logistics Solutions

One Source Food Solutions manages door-to-door logistics so our customers can focus on their businesses. Domestically, we work with a strong and competent pool of inter-modal, OTR truckload and less-than-truckload carriers for dry and frozen product. We also maintain vendor-managed, rail-served and low-cost forward warehouse programs around the USA.

These programs allow customers to pull just enough stock and at the lowest possible landed cost. For our export customers, we work with established freight forwarders in securing the lowest-available landed costs to your manufacturing facility.

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COA Analysis

We ensure that every shipment meets our customer’s specifications. Then, within hours of shipment, we email the Bill of Lading and Certificate of Analysis to key customer personnel.

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Contract Status Reports

We supply our customers with monthly Contract Status Reports to update the year-to-date balances of each item on each contract.

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Claim Process

Although product, packaging or freight claims are rare, the timely resolution of claims is important in reducing any disruption to your business. With the help of our suppliers, we investigate the submitted claim information, including lot codes, pictures, and customer’s observations. We report QA findings and corrective actions. Then we follow the claim through to the credit memo is issued.

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