Bulk California Roma-type tomatoes are prepared from clean, wholesome, red, mature fruit. The tomatoes are washed, machine cut and carefully laid on redwood drying trays, treated with sulfur dioxide, then dried in the California sun. After sun-drying is completed, they are processed according to style of cut. The drying process consists of sunlight only.

Size & Specifications 


Varies with product cut. Please contact us for more information.

Packaging Type

Non-sealed, corrugated box with polyethylene liner

Product Cuts

Halves, julienne cut, diced, double diced, triple diced, finely diced, powder


9 – 36% (depends on the cut)

Sulfur Dioxide

< 5000 ppm


Practically free of defects from discoloration, dark units, embedded dirt or other foreign material


Bright red color characteristic of sun-dried tomatoes – typical intense tomato flavor; no spoiled, rancid or off flavors or odors

Kosher Certification

Kosher certified

GMO Statement

GMO free

THANK YOU! This team is exceptional. I write to suppliers all day long asking for information and have done so for years throughout my career, but honestly One Source are the first people who have ever sent me a complete packet of information with all requested documents attached that are not only labeled clearly, but that are also dated within the last year.  Thank you so very much!  It’s the simple things that make our jobs easy, but it’s working with people like you that is truly a blessing! 

Elisabeth (Bette Jo) Winkelmann

Technical Writer/Regulatory Affairs Specialist — Schlotterbeck & Foss