Salsa-style 3/8” petite diced tomatoes in juice shall be prepared from tomatoes that have been washed, sorted for quality and peeled prior to dicing. Salt, citric acid and calcium chloride are added. Topping juice made from fresh tomatoes is used as a packing medium. The sealed containers are cooked to ensure commercial sterility then cooled prior to stacking.

Size & Specifications 

Size (Pouches)

6 Lbs. 10 Ozs. (3.0 Kg)
6 Lbs. 11 Ozs. (3.03 Kg)

Case Dimensions

15.1875" L X 12.4375" W X 7.4375" H

Case Cube


Bostwick at 20°C

3.5 to 5.0 cm.

Drained Weight

70 oz target
68 minimum

Dice Size

3/8" x 3/8" x 3/8"


0.60 – 0.80%


3.9 – 4.3


27 minimum


17 minimum


26 minimum


Distinctive of fresh, red and ripe tomatoes. It shall be free from bitter, scorched or other foreign flavors or odors.

Kosher Certification

Kosher – OU

Mold Count

(USDA-Howard Mold Count)

Not to exceed FDA Defect Action Levels

I have personally been working with One Source Food Solutions since 2016 and only have great things to say. Everyone on their team is professional, and I have complete trust in what they are doing for us. Could not recommend more.

Greg Pruett

Sales / Energy Manager — Ingomar Packing Company