Case Sizes:

  • 24 / 14.5 oz

Canned Mexican stewed tomatoes in juice shall be prepared from round tomato varieties that have been washed, hand-sorted for quality, peeled and sliced. Dehydrated onions, celery, and green peppers are added. In addition, delicate blends of Mexican seasonings and tangy jalapeno-style peppers are included to make this authentic Mexican-style tomato item.

THANK YOU! This team is exceptional. I write to suppliers all day long asking for information and have done so for years throughout my career, but honestly One Source are the first people who have ever sent me a complete packet of information with all requested documents attached that are not only labeled clearly, but that are also dated within the last year.  Thank you so very much!  It’s the simple things that make our jobs easy, but it’s working with people like you that is truly a blessing! 

Elisabeth (Bette Jo) Winkelmann

Technical Writer/Regulatory Affairs Specialist — Schlotterbeck & Foss