Case Sizes:

  • 24 / 8 oz
  • 48 / 8 oz
  • 72 / 8 oz
  • 12 / 15 oz
  • 24 / 15 oz
  • 12 / 29 oz
  • 24 / 29 oz

Fancy tomato sauce is made from round or pear tomatoes that have been washed and inspected prior to being chopped, strained, and evaporated. A special blend of seasonings is added to obtain the characteristic flavor of a moderately spiced sauce. The product is hot-filled to ensure commercial sterility, then cooled prior to stacking. 

If I had to choose one thing that was my favorite aspect of working with One Source Food Solutions, it would be professionalism. I love that from One Source; every email I have sent, or every question I have asked them, has been answered in a timely manner, even if I don’t like the answer to my question 🙂 Having a timely response means I know what the next step I need to take is.

Elga Sanchez

Head Buyer — Diaz Foods