Canned extra-standard tomato ketchup is made from round and/or pear tomatoes that are washed, sorted for quality, chopped, strained, and evaporated under vacuum to obtain the necessary solids required for the particular style of catsup being made. Seasonings, sweeteners, and other ingredients are added to obtain the sweet and spicy flavor characteristic of tomato ketchup. The finished product has a smooth finish and is practically free from extraneous plant material and objectionable defects. Ketchup is hot-filled to ensure commercial sterility, then cooled prior to stacking.

If I had to choose one thing that was my favorite aspect of working with One Source Food Solutions, it would be professionalism. I love that from One Source; every email I have sent, or every question I have asked them, has been answered in a timely manner, even if I don’t like the answer to my question 🙂 Having a timely response means I know what the next step I need to take is.

Elga Sanchez

Head Buyer — Diaz Foods